Alpom Imports Group

Distributors and Sales Representatives of Artisanal and Premium spirits in Spain

The group

We are a pragmatic, young and flourishing commercial group, with a selective, transgressive and passionate spirit that travels the world in search of unique and exotic brands.

For its extensive network of restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes and specialized gourmet stores, Grupo Alpom is more than a top quality supplier, it offers experiences and sensations.

For its clients, Grupo Alpom is more than a distributor and sales representative, it is their fastpass to success and expansion.

Alpom Group presents its products and brand to the right target market using a direct sales tactic, delivering daily feedback, relationships with new customers and lately, sales.

We work with brands that do things differently, those that dare to think outside the box, those that prioritize quality and innovation.

Product Placement and Visibility

Pre Distribution

During the first months we carried out a D2D race to convince HORECAs to try their products, thus establishing the first contacts between their brand and the market. We put them in a position to measure the potential success of their products in the Madrid market and make their brand recognized by all their key players, while generating sales.

Logistics and Demand Generation


We take care of the entire distribution process, from import, customs and logistics to warehousing, invoices and fast deliveries. Our team works to generate demand for your product, develop your brand recognition through appropriate marketing strategies, and increase sales through our ever-growing customer base.

Brand Growth and Expansion

Business development

Through our trusted partners, we expand the distribution of your brand and products to the regional level. You can focus on what you do best; manufacture and improve the quality of your product while we take care of the rest.

Our Practical Method

Our “knock-knock” strategy allows for faster feedback collection and definitely speeds up the sales process. Our team makes sure the real decision maker sees, feels and tries your product. We strengthen our relationship with each client day by day, we work hand in hand with their entire team to enhance and increase sales. We pay close attention to every detail and every comment we receive from clients and non-clients, we share it with you, it helps you adjust and improve.