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Sir Edmond

Sir Edmond

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BRAND: Sir Edmond
ORIGIN: Holland

Macedonian juniper berries, for a great fresh aromatic flavor. Greenland angelica roots, for good length and consistency. Cardamom from Guatemala, for tropical notes and citrus freshness. Chinese Cinnamon and Nigerian Ginger, for spicy and spicy notes. Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar/Reunion Island, for Sir Edmond's unique character.

Creamy and soft texture due to its Bourbon vanilla. Spicy and warm flavors due to cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. The finish is clean, complex and dry, with a slight minty sensation that we feel when breathing.

Made in the Herman Jansen distillery, with more than 250 years of experience and knowledge in distillation. Herman Jansen was recently awarded the International World Class Distillery Award, making it one of the best distilleries out there.


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